Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women's History Month--Take Three

Well, the month of March is almost over, and I have to admit failure. I just did not have the energy to do research and really put together any decent essays on quilt history. I've grown very sick of the library, and not even for my blog could I drag myself there for any lengthy period of time. I did, however, do some internet browsing and a little extra reading on various topics, so the entire exercise wasn't a complete wash. Plus, I've decided to extend (or rather, remove) the end date. Sometime, when you least expect it, I'll finish up an essay on something fabulously interesting. Just wait.

In the meantime, however, here's a cute little thing that my mother called my attention to. The Schaefer Yarn Company in Interlaken, New York has a series of color concepts for memorable women. Its kinda like roses...different colors and patterns that the company creates are named in honor of special women in history. There are a lot of lovely yarns on their website that you can browse through, but here were a few of my favorites.

(Fabulous woman who endowed Smith College, one of the Seven Sisters)

(Prime Minister of India from 1966 until her assasination in 1977)
(Emperess of Russia from 1762-1796)

Someone stole the iron that was in the laundry room, so no sewing until I either buy one or hunt one down. The universe is conspiring against me...I really meant to get some things finished up this weekend!!

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