Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wall of Hotness

Ok all...I have successfully thwarted Sod. I went and bought 20 AA batteries. They were only $6 with my CVS card. Yay me!

Originally, I planned this to be a sewing blog (hence the name Ripping Out Seams). I realized last night, however, that sewing is only a small amount of my creative output. I do a lot of things...I color in my coloring books, I quilt, I knit (badly), I do computer graphics, and I collage. That's what I was doing last night...collaging. When I got tired of studying for my econ exam, I grabbed my magazines, scissors and tape and added a few pictures to my wall of hotness.

The door to my room is set into a little alcove...which is kinda beige and depressing. My friends and I decided that it needed decoration. I did something similar when I was in high school to cover the scratched up doors on my closet.

This is what we got...I love it. Its fun to put pictures together and look for exactly the right image. I can work on it for just a minute at a time or an hour. Its fast and easy, but it really makes a difference. I notice it, and I get a lot of comments from people passing by.

This is granted a very simple effort. An author that I enjoy, Jennifer Crusie, has some lovely examples on her website. She uses them to help create her book universes. Check those out for inspiration, and feel free to inspire me with your efforts. I'd love to see your collages too!


Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Almost as sweet at the Wall of Men in 606 . . .