Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belle Progress

I haven't had a terribly quilty weekend, but I did make some progress on my belle quilt. I laid out my blocks and sewed them together. The diagonal rows of the quilt actually made that a lot of fun. When I was making the blocks last weekend and even when I laid them all out, I had a hard time visualizing how everything was going to come together. I even disliked it for a while. It was really surprising, therefore, to finally see a lovely quilt emerging every time I added a row on. I haven't really had that feeling with other quilts that I've made.

I still need to put my boarders on. Unfortunately, the cool uneven ends get trimmed off, but I'm looking forward to seeing this one completed. I'm going to add a thin white border and then a wider border of the dusty rose floral.

I have a lot of scraps from this one left over, so next I might play around a bit and see what kind of scrap quilt I can come up with. My lack of scrap usage is a bit embarassing...especially in light of all the creative uses I've seen in the blogosphere. I'll have to get to work and change that!


fabriclover said...

I love your quilt! It is very happy and bright. The white works well.

Kat said...

Thanks! In was a bit nervous about it, but I think it will work really well once quilted.

Carol said...

I really like your colors and the design of the quilt. It is going to be beautiful when completed. Can't wait to see it. Hope you post pics of it.

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Oh my, I love this! Can't believe it's the same as the Amy Butler pattern, it looks so nice and simplified. Love the colors you've chosen too.