Monday, November 10, 2008

More (mis)Adventures in Knitting

Gentle readers, I have made a discovery. I am TERRIBLE at knitting. Atrocious, abysmal, cataclysmic even. I have ripped out the meager beginnings of my scarf more times than I can count. I accidentally added stitches, dropped stitches, and somehow did the purl stitch backwards. In fact, in so doing I may have invented a new knitting stitch. Its ugly. No one would purposefully want to reproduce that stitch. In fact, after watching the entire first disk of "Brideshead Revisited", I have only produced about six inches of knitting. (Amazing mini-series by the it).

I even managed to bend my needle somehow. If you look in the picture, you can see that its slightly curved. It was worse earlier, but I managed to bend it back a bit. I feel that this entire experiment is quite funny in a pathetic sort of way. I should have been satisfied with sewing, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO...I wanted a portable craft to take on the bus with me! Ah well...regardless...the yarn is pretty, and when I finally finish, I will have a lovely scarf to keep me warm all winter long. And besides, I think I recall being abysmal at sewing when I first started that too.


Jackie said...

You're having the exact experience you should have with your first knitting project. Just keep in mind that with every dropped stitch, every backwards purl, etc you are learning something. I started knitting in January (first quilting class last month) and I PROMISE you it gets easier!

luv2knit said...

this does not look bad, my first project was a dishcloth, that was tedious! have you heard of Ravelry? it is a new knitting community. Awesome! Would also be a good resource. check it out sign up on the list if you are not already a member. I am luv2knitncrochet on there. Look me up! I am waiting the arrival of my Amy Butler fabric I ordered off Ebay and am going to make my first quilt when it arrives! I go between sewing and knitting every day!