Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Have a Winner!!!

I could blather on, but with free fabric on the line, who wants to listen to me talk? Without further ado, via random number generator, the winner of the four fat quarter pack is Mary with this comment:

I think I could spend a small fortune on toys for my puppy. They all look like so much fun. At least, if I were a dog, I think they would be fun. He seems to enjoy them when I give him a new one. I just gave him a new toy from the stash and he looks happy as a clam!

Congratulations Mary!!!

But wait, there's more. I had so much fun reading all the comments, and I was so thrilled that people were willing to share little snippets of their lives with me, that I was inspired to have another winner. I was planning on picking out the comment that I found particularly touching/amusing/etc, and sending that lovey person two Freshcut fat quarters. I felt really bad though trying to pick a winner. I love the Chuck Norris stories and all the woes associated with stolen wallets. I've also been through doula training, so I'm a sucker for pregnancy/birthing/baby stories. And then there are drunken nicknames stories...those are pretty fabulous to. And the all the daily life stuff, and who can forget the bunnies...YOU GET THE PICTURE. I just couldn't decide. SO this mini winner was randomly generated as well.

And winner number 2 is Sarah:

Oooh - I'm here from SMS as well - and I love your title "Ripping Out Seams" - my boyfriend thinks my creative process (which takes over our apartment) is hilarious as it tends to include more taking things apart than putting them together sometimes. Also, I totally appreciate these giveaways on April 1st - I tend to hate this "holiday" as I think some spite left over from elementary school makes me think it can generally just be quite mean! The fabric is wonderfully spring-y!

Yay Sarah! I hope this improves your April 1st aversion :)

I'll be back later this week with a look at what I've been making out of this Freshcut fabric.

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Sarah said...

yay! Thanks, and this definitely helps me with my aversion! Esp since I found out when I was up past midnight working - ugh! thanks Kat!