Saturday, February 21, 2009

Because I Don't Say "Yay" Often Enough

I just checked my list of tags and noticed that I have 4 posts tagged as "Vent" and only one tagged as "Yay". That's not so great...I should have at least as many good things as bad things to report. I think I'll work on changing that.

So how's this for a GIGANTIC yay? I am now the proud owner of two yard of the always fabulous Erin Michael paint by number birds in teal. Seriously, I'm thrilled, I have been looking for this fabric for a very long time now. A week or so ago, I heard a rumor that a particular fabric store had some left on the bolt. I called immediately and explained to the woman what I wanted. She promised to look and give me a call back. I heard back from the woman (her name is Maggie) a few hours later. The shop was out, BUT she thought she had some in her personal stash. Maggie sent me this beautiful fabric from her own collection for free. She only asked that I reimburse her for shipping. She said that she was happy that someone would use it, since she had more fabric than she could use in a lifetime. I am so touched by Maggie's kindness and generosity. She had no way of knowing that I would send her money for shipping...she simply did a nice thing for a complete stranger out of the goodness of her heart.

Seriously Maggie...lots of good karma coming your way...your aura is purple :)

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Sarah C said...

i have not seen that fabric but i can see why you were hunting it down. it really is pretty.

that was so nice of Maggie (love how I am calling her by name). I just love being amazed by the kindness of others