Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's an Ill Wind That Blows No Good

Much to my dismay, there's still no luck on the job front. I've been applying like crazy and networking, but the holiday really slowed things down. Hopefully things will pick back up again now that we're past Independence Day.

There are some upsides to not working though. I've had plenty of time to rediscover some of my favorite places in DC. Case in point, the fountain at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden (affectionately referred to as "my fountain").

I bring everybody who visits me there. It is absolutely my favorite place in Washington. I love to go with friends and chat or by myself and read. The people watching is fantastic too...and the duck watching. My friend Jessye and I named the ducks. There's Flirty Duck and Dapper Duck among others.

My sister and I took these pictures a year ago when we went one afternoon. I haven't bothered to take new ones, since I like these so much. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day.

It was hot though...hence the reason we went to the fountain. Dipping your feet in it is soooooo refreshing.

Wading too...

As long as you don't get caught...

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