Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Err is Human, AKA June Quilting Bee Blocks (Part Two)

Sorry for the lack of posting. With moving, settling, etc, I've been preoccupied. Things are starting to establish themselves into a routine though, so posting and crafting should be more regular (in shah allah). But first, a bit of catch up...

Rachael had the month of June for Another Quilting Bee Two and she sent out some great fabrics. I have been dying to get my hands on Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy for some time now...ever since I discovered that it is full of medieval and Gothic elements. If I ever design a fabric line, I want it to be like that; a seamless blend of old influences and contemporary flair.

But I digress...suffice it to say that I couldn't wait to get started. For the first one, I made a modified log cabin block. Rachael had also requested that we incorporate a piece of ricrac, and I thought that this block would lend itself well to it. I also had a lot of coordinating fabrics in my scrap bin that I could add in to make a really scrappy looking block. The block turned out really well in the end, I love the result.

The second block posed much more of a problem. Rachael had mentioned that the butterfly fabric was her favorite, so I wanted to do something special with it. She had also mentioned that she loved the pink woodgrain I sent out with for Live Piecefully, so I wanted to work that in somehow. The block in my head excited me a bit more than its actualization does, but I've been assured that its not that bad, so I'm not going to wine about it anymore. I do like the placement of the ricrac, and I thik the little butterfly in the center is pretty cute.

I'll be back moderately soon with my final June Blocks post!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm starting to think you really like ricrack!

Jessye said...

i love the first one!

Shorty said...

Your blocks look great! I had no idea just how much quilting you had going on. You are one busy gal! : )