Monday, May 11, 2009

May Quilting Bee Blocks

May was Mary's block for Another Quilting Bee 2. She sent out a bunch of prints from Moda's Bistro line. I've been using a lot of under-saturated fabrics lately, so the richness of these prints was a pleasant departure from my norm.

Luckily, I've been spending a lot of time in coffee shops studying for finals and writing papers, so I came up with a design pretty quickly. I started by making modified crazy nine patch blocks. I only used five fabrics instead of the normal nine (due to fabric constraints) and I didn't bother to match up my corners. I thought the more haphazard style looked like coffee shop decor, and I liked that it looked more like a mosaic rather than a quilt block. I then sashed four of the blocks in a cream solid and put a big border around the entire thing. I LOVE it!

I had one crazy nine patch and quite a bit of excess fabric left over, so I started making a simple second block. I didn't have quite enough to finish, so hopefully Mary has a bit left over so she can complete it. I'm a fan of this one too.

I hope these will work for you Mary! I had fun making them.


~Michelle~ said...

I like it! 9-patch mania in blogland nowadays - of the structured and crazy varieties :)

Mushyhed said...